Owner’s Name: Mitch & JoEllen
Pet’s Name: Bert Age: 8 Gender: Male


Cat Illness
Unknown 15 pounds


Cat not eating because? Bert came down with feline acne and was put on the antibiotic Clavamox. This was the second time in about two months that he had been on this pill. The first was for an upper respiratory infection. The first time he had a decreased interest in food but didn’t stop eating entirely. The second time he went on the Clavamox he stopped completely. He also stopped drinking.


Why I’ve chosen
Assisted Feeding:
When Bert first stopped eating he slept ALL day. He wasn’t using the bathroom, drinking or eating. Now that we’ve been feeding he uses the litter box several times a day. He’s out and about during the day instead of sleeping constantly. He’s affectionate and energetic.
Feeding Technique: So far Bert does not like being fed at all. He has a complete aversion to any type of food. If he even smells food (human or cat) he starts salivating and spitting all over the place. Right now we are feeding three times a day, 40cc’s per feeding. We are feeding him Hill’s A/D, about a third of a can per feeding. I mix it with water and then heat it in the microwave for 10 seconds. The temp is usually room temperature or slightly warmer. We also give him anywhere 18 – 27 cc’s of water with each feeding in addition to the water that is mixed with his A/D. Bert is on a schedule, we feed him at 6 a.m. (when we’re up for work), 6 p.m. (unable to come home during the day) and again before bed, usually about 10:00 pm. We both have to feed him because he hates it. We can barely do it with two so there is no way one could hold him and feed him. My husband holds him firmly and I feed him. He’ll only accept the syringe on the right side of his mouth. Since he hates any kind of food in his mouth we make sure to use the water to help rinse his mouth out after feedings. Right now things are not going good and we are going to pursue some type of alternative.
Appetite Primer Tricks: We try to wake Bert up a while before we feed him. He’s too groggy to go directly into feeding. We talk to him and say things like “Are you hungry?” “It’s time for breakfast/lunch/dinner”. We talk to him the entire time we feed him telling him what a good job he’s doing and how much farther he has to go. Also he hates any kind of mess on him so we make sure to keep him wiped and clean during the feeding.


Medications, Dose/Frequency
Ursodiol in triple fish. 2ml’s once daily