Owner’s Name: Amanda Young
Pet’s Name: Jasper Age: 12 Gender: Male


Date Diagnosed
mast cell tumor of the colon
Dec. 20, 2002


Why I think my kitty isn’t eating: He is eating now. But he quit eating in the summer. I think it was because he got really sick with a cold and couldn’t smell. But he had already lost so much weight and had a sporadic appetite. So the vet said we should put a feeding tube in before he loses any more ground.


Date when assist feeding began:  
Why I’ve chosen to Assist Feed: The process helps by ensuring he gets everything he needs, including fluids and meds.
Feeding Technique: tube feeding, 35 cc 2x a day Science Diet AD
Appetite Primer Tricks:
Food liked best: Pounce Tartar Control treats — Crab flavor
Food liked least:  
Special Treats:  


Medications, Dose/Frequency
prednisone 5 mg. 1x/day
cimetidine 50 mg 3x/day
benadryl 12.5 mg 3x/day