Owner’s Name: Nancy Wood
Pet’s Name: Jazz Age: 14 Gender: Male


Date Diagnosed
onset of CRF
February 12, 2004


Why I think my kitty isn’t eating: He started not eating within 48 hours of being on the antibiotic Clavamox. I wasn’t concerned too much at first, but by the 3rd day I was. I tried Gerber baby food, chicken & beef broths, various canned, lunch meat (chicken & turkey), and special cat milk for senior felines. Nothing worked. After 5 days, my vet changed him to Baytril 20, and the change was dramatic. Within 2 hrs of the first dose, he was begging to eat. He is eating approximately 5 little meals a day now, and seems to be more of himself thank god! His drinking is normal, not reduced or excessive.


Date when assist feeding began:  
Why I’ve chosen to Assist Feed:  
Feeding Technique:  
Appetite Primer Tricks: Heat up all the food, canned, lunch meat, anything… makes his sense of smell kick in a bit better!
Food liked best: chicken, turkey, liver
Food liked least:  
Special Treats: Right now, anything he will eat, after bad side effects from antibiotics, so his weight loss will hopefully stop.


Medications, Dose/Frequency
Baytril 20 1x day
Ringers Lactate 100ml 1x wkly


 14.6 lbs
 February 7, 2004