Owner’s Name: Chris and Bill Schopf
Pet’s Name: Milo Age: 10 Gender: Male


Date Diagnosed
August 2001


Why I think my kitty isn’t eating: He’s a stinker – he’ll beg for breakfast or dinner, and then as soon as you put it down will run away. I usually give him about 30 minutes to change his mind, and then start preparing the baby food…


Date when assist feeding began: October 2001
Why I’ve chosen to Assist Feed: Eases my mind, knowing that he has something in his system.
Feeding Technique: Milo was diagnosed with diabetes just before September 2001, and is surviving on two shots a day. Funny thing about insulin – it requires food to work with, so we always have to be sure that Milo has eaten prior to receiving his shot. A lot of nights, he will not eat when we need him to, so we have resorted to using baby food (no onions or garlic) in a liquid syringe. We have to do this for approximately 1 meal per week, sometimes more.
Appetite Primer Tricks:
Food liked best: real chicken
Food liked least: cat food 🙂
Special Treats: tuna, chicken


Medications, Dose/Frequency
Humulin-L insulin  2 units 2x per day


8 lbs
February 20, 2004