May 1, 2004

Owner’s Name: Michele
Pet’s Name: Snowman a.k.a. Nowey Age: 13 Gender: Male


Date Diagnosed
CRF end stage
Approx. 2000


Why I think my kitty isn’t eating: He’s at end stage CRF and feels like crap. He’s also, extremely anemic.


Date when assist feeding began: About 3 days ago: April 20, 2004
Why I’ve chosen to Assist Feed: Getting some nutrition into him rather than letting him starve to death.
Feeding Technique: I sit him in my lap facing me, do my best to calm him, hold his head so he doesn’t tilt back too far or open his mouth too wide, put the tip of the syringe into the side of his mouth between his cheek and teeth (what’s left of them) and give little squirts so he can swallow. After he swallows and does his whole lip licking thing, I give another little squirt. I also make sure to cover my entire upper body with a large towel and have plenty of extras close by to clean his face, my face and anywhere else I can reach where he flings things. Sometimes I think I should change his name to Sum Fud Flung.
Appetite Primer Tricks: Not much. He’s always been a grazer rather than a gorger. If he doesn’t want to eat, I’m sunk. If he doesn’t like the food, I’m really sunk.
Food liked best: Petguard premium feast has been the biggest hit so far, raw turkey breast pieces.
Food liked least: Just about everything else.
Special Treats: His “goop” Nutristat used to be his favorite treat. Last week he decided he liked raw turkey breast pieces. This week, he doesn’t want much of anything.


Medications, Dose/Frequency
Sub Q fluids QD to BID depending on what he’ll tollerate. Dosage is 100ml to 150 ml. He does not hold hydration.
I convinced Vet to Give me injectable B vit’s to add into fluids.
Pepcid when he’ll let me give it to him.
Also, on the advice of a very knowledgable nutritionist, I add taurine, probiotics and colustrum to the food for all my kitties. I add extra phos. binders to Nowey and Spikey’s food becaus they both need it.Esp. Nowey.


about 5 lbs. down from 12
April 2004