Nov. 19, 2003

Owner’s Name: Michele and George
Pet’s Name: Sheba
(w/ many nicknames!)
Age: Unknown. Possibly in her 20’s. Gender: Female


Date Diagnosed
chronic renal failure
Sept. 19, 2003
complications from anemia, blindness


Why I think my kitty isn’t eating: I don’t think she feels well enough to eat on her own … nausea, etc.


Date when assist feeding began: September 21, 2003
Why I’ve chosen to Assist Feed: Sheba would have died much sooner had we not done this for two months! I am eternally grateful for the 2 extra months we did have together because of the feedings. She never regained her desire to eat on her own anywhere near enough to sustain her.
Feeding Technique: Sheba didn’t care for the feedings, but she would tolerate them, and never seemed to hold it against us for too long. We fed her Eukanuba Max Calorie food, about 50 mls per day at the end. We used a small (5 ml) syringe. I warmed a bowl of water in the microwave and placed the food in another container into the water for a few minutes to bring it to room temperature. George and I would sit at a small round table. He would hold her facing me, and I would give her small (1 ml or less) squirts from the front or sides of the mouth, trying not to shoot too far and cause gagging. I had two bowls of warm water and wipes handy to clean her after each squirt. She liked to shake her head, and we’re still finding drops of food on the window and walls. In the beginning, we fed her five times a day. At the end, we dropped the early morning feeding (her fifth, at 3 a.m.) to spend more quality cuddle time instead, and fed her four times a day (7 a.m., lunch, 5 p.m., and 8:30 p.m.) We praised her extensively afterwards and let her go about her business!
Appetite Primer Tricks: She was pretty much dependent upon our feeding her via syringe.
Food liked best: ProPlan canned salmon and crab varieties
Food liked least: Everything else!
Special Treats: She would proudly lick less than a thimbleful of ProPlan salmon and crab food each day.


Medications, Dose/Frequency
Tumil k 3/4 tablet twice daily
Enalapril 1/3 pill once a day


approx. 5 lbs.
November 2003