Owner’s Name: Judy and Craig Wolcott
Pet’s Name: Stretcher Age: 20 Gender: Male


Date Diagnosed
renal insufficiency
July 7, 2003
cholangiohepatitis (recovered)
November 2, 1994


Why I think my kitty isn’t eating: Sometimes I think he doesn’t remember he should eat. He eats very well if the other cats are eating with him.


Date when assist feeding began:  
Why I’ve chosen to Assist Feed:  
Feeding Technique:  
Appetite Primer Tricks: Hold his dish, sometimes put food on my finger, pet him.
Food liked best: Sensible Choice Senior Dry
Food liked least: Any canned food that isn’t perfectly smooth
Special Treats: Every thing from Whiska’s pouches to Traders Joe’s canned foods, basically anything he will eat at this point. He also likes Sensible Choice Senior dry.


Medications, Dose/Frequency
Ringers, 75cc’s a day
Pepsid AC A quarter tab every other day.


8.0 pounds
Feb. 29, 2004