Owner’s Name: Sis and Ben Aiken
Pet’s Name: Tommy Age: 15+ Gender: Male


Date Diagnosed
chronic kidney disease
June 2003


Why I think my kitty isn’t eating: I think when he gets dehydrated he won’t eat.


Date when assist feeding began: September 2003
Why I’ve chosen to Assist Feed: It keeps his weight up. Also he gets more fluids. He eats k/d dry during the day.
Feeding Technique: I only syringe feed at night. When I did it twice a day Tommy would run away. He seems to be in the habit of it now at night and is fine with it.

I put his pet tinic mixed with food in the syringe. I do this about 7pm and around 10pm. He lets me know when he has had enough. The renal food goes in the blender as he likes it soft. It is also warmed.

Appetite Primer Tricks: Brewers yeast on food.

Licking food from spoon.

Food liked best: Just opened cans of Science Diet Turkey or Chicken.
Food liked least: Each day is different!!
Special Treats:  


Medications, Dose/Frequency
Pet Tinic twice a day
Sub-q’s every other day


9 lbs 8 ozs
January 24, 2004