Puzzled cat sitting in front of food bowl containing very large fish.

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Owner's Name: Erica La Spada
Pet's Name: Fraulein Age: 9 Gender: Male

Date Diagnosed
No one can figure it out--originally it was hemobart (1/17/04) and now it's potentially Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome, though lymphoma has not been ruled out.

Why I think my kitty isn't eating: He is pretty nauseous and his stomach is inflamed, so I'm sure he's pretty uncomfortable. Foods do interest him, but I believe he is afraid that eating will make him feel worse.

Date when assist feeding began: February 8, 2004
Why I've chosen to Assist Feed: He eats almost nothing by himself most days, and syringe feeding is the only way to keep him from starving himself.
Feeding Technique:

We close ourselves into the bathroom, where it's quiet, hard to escape from and easily cleanable. I talk to him and praise him constantly, as this is far from his favorite thing. I avoid confining him bodily in any way because that truly stresses him out.

I was feeding him A/D, then I/D, but due to his chronic diarrhea, I've just switched to feeding him a homemade bland diet--boiled chicken and rice with a little Hi-Vite drops. He is none too pleased with any of it.

Appetite Primer Tricks: I've tried many a thing, nothing seems to work.
Food liked best: Changes constantly, but it used to be anything with fish.
Food liked least: Our yogurt run was not very successful.
Special Treats: Catnip and Temptations, though edible treats are no longer anything he seems to want.

Medications, Dose/Frequency
prednisone 5mg/day
metronidizole 75mg/twice daily

8.5 lb - usually a 12 lb kitty
February 19, 2004






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