Books About Cats Recommended Reading

The 5-Minute Veterinary Consult: Canine and Feline
 Extensive quick reference of diagnostic and management information for problems or diseases in cats and dogs. Two-page format includes data on basic overview, signs, causes & risk factors, diagnosis, treatment, medications, follow-up, and miscellaneous.




The New Natural Cat: A Complete Guide for Finicky Owners Drawing on her experience as a nutritionist and groomer to develop her holistic method of raising cats, Frazier advocates natural foods and gives recipes for maximum nutrition. She advises against flea collars and deplores declawing. Her simple cleaning routine solves litter box problems. Anecdotes show how and why her advice is effective, and both owners and cats will benefit from her grooming and handling suggestions. Contains “A Guide to Common Feline Health Problems,” a list of physical disorders with symptoms and possible solutions.


The Cornell Books of Cats : The Comprehensive and Authoritative Medical Reference for Every Cat and Kitten
An inexhaustible source of current medical information that covers the whole range of feline health, including how to understand, identify, and correct a cat’s behavior problems: guidelines, for selecting a breed: nutrition, with instructions on how to properly feed a kitten or an adult cat, an obese cat, a sick cat, or an aging cat.



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Do a Search on “Feline” and they have several reference books about cats you can order. Please give us feedback on the books you order.




Stay tuned for more books about cats. I have more books in my library and I’ll be adding them to this page soon. If you want to recommend any books about cats that you enjoy, please email me at Kathy (at) assistfeeed dot com. Thanks!


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