Cat not Eating?

When a cat will not eat on its own, the veterinarians refer to this as “Feline Anorexia” – the loss of appetite leading to the refusal to eat. There are many cat illnesses that can cause a cat to stop eating so it’s imporant to read about the different ways that you can help your cat during this difficult time.


Become familiar with the best cat food to use if your cat won’t eat and talk to your veterinarian to see what foods they offer.


Try encouraging your cat with Enticing Kitty Treats to see how excited your cat gets with the treats, helping you decide if your kitty is just bored with its regular food, or if you really have problem.


“Most species of animal can go many days without eating. This is not true for cats, especially when they are sick. Several days of not eating can have serious consequences in cats and lead to failure of important organs like the liver.”

(from the Long Beach Animal Hospital web site.)


Cat not Eating?
There are so many reason why a cat won’t eat… it’s just mind boggling sometimes to wade through all the symptoms and illnesses that cause a cat not to eat. Click here to read about possible reasons for a cat not eating on its own.


What are My Options? The first thing you will want to do is start helping your cat eat either by finger feeding or by syringe feeding. Then if you aren’t having success, you will want to talk to your veterinarian about surgical procedures to make assisted feeding easier for you and more effective for your cat. Click here to read about your options to help a sick cat eat.

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