The section covers quit a few informational cat food articles. Selecting the right cat food for our kitties is a difficult decision and is the topic of many a debate.

The AAFCO Seal of Approval
How to know you are buying a better cat food.


U.S. Food and Drug Administration Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM).


Re-Examining our Cat Food
When to look at your cats food to determine if it’s appropriate for the time in your cat’s life.


Corn in our Cat Food
This is one of the topics in high debate.


The Best Way to Warm Up Food
Warming the food releases the aroma and may be just the ticket to get your kitty eating. Also important for syringe feeding.


Absorbing Nutrients
You can have the best food in the world, but if your cat cannot absorb the nutrients, the benefits are lost.


Cheap Foods
I know when times are tough, we sometimes have to buy cheap cat food.


The Right Food
What’s the right food for Fluffy.


The Big Question
So what’s in the can man.


Canned Food Diets
Learn about canned food and if it’s good for your cat.


Dry Food Diets
Learn about dry food and if it’s good for your cat.


Dry Food vs. Canned Food
Another great cat food debate.


Can vs. Dry… Summary
Garry sums up the debate.


Articles that need to be written: click here to be a guest author

  • Dry Food Diet
  • Can vs. Dry… Put Up Yer Dukes!
  • I Love Fish (too much) – deficencies that can occur from eating too much fish.
  • The Frito Bandito – why do our cats love chips? The cruch, the salt or the fat?
  • Raw Food Diet
    • Home Made
    • Purchased

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