Feline Nutrition:
The Best Way To Warm Up Cat Food

by Kathy Fatheree


     Feeding canned food can be sometimes frustrating because of the leftovers! Maya isn’t always hungry when I feed her and I end up refrigerating her food until later. To my surprise, she will not eat food that is warmed up in the microwave, but she will eat food warmed up by placing a small dish of food in a larger bowl of hot water. How can she tell the difference? She must have a very sensitive pallet!


     Microwave ovens can actually destroy certain nutrients and altogether change the chemical composition of others! Yes, microwave ovens are certainly convenient, but once I learned that they destroy nutrients, I decided to go to a little extra trouble to warm her food. After all, getting the best nutrition in this little gal is my number 1 priority!


     I warm her food by 1st warming a small bowl of water in the microwave. Then I place a smaller bowl containing her food in the hot water, stirring occasionally. It only takes a few extra minutes of my time and Maya is certainly worth it!


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