Pro-Active Cat Care

Here are cat articles written by various authors. Enjoy!

A Cat is a Cat is a Cat
Read about the different personality traits of some of the most popular cat breeds.

Diagnosing Fluffy
How the vet, you AND the cat have a voice in helping to determine what may be wrong with the sick cat.

Why Blood Tests are Important
What you can learn…

Understanding Blood Test Results
Decifering the numbers…

Blood Test Costs
Your options for blood tests…

Weighing Your Cat
How and Why it’s imporant…

Feline Stress
Read how cat disease symptoms and sick cat behavior can be related to stress.

Linus is Fickle

My Aching Bones

Not All Talk

Reading the Signs

The 2nd Opinion

The Little Things

Toxic Hazards

When is it a Crisis?

When to Say NO!

How to Build a Scratching Post

Our Role
3-Ring Binder Setup for Keeping Records

Selecting a Vet
Before you meet a veterinarian.

Selecting a Vet- The First Visit
What to look for during the first appointment.

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