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By Garry White


This is a fantastic, informative site that deals with extensive research being done to evaluate and control stress in shelter cats. Don’t let the word “shelter” fool you; the research was done by Nadine Gourkow, a specialist in feline stress, and the site offers a wealth of information and ideas that apply to your cat…do NOT miss this one!

Nadine Gourkow’s Mission

Link to Nadine Gourkow’s Thesis (long download time but very interesting!)

Does a stressful situation cause you to eat more? Or less? Maybe you get physically ill? Develop headaches, possibly? Well, consider yourself lucky…go here to see what a little stress can (and does!) do to Fluffy!

Acute Stress Hyperglycemia


You’re pregnant…we don’t know how this could have happened, but it’s so. And Ohmigosh; Fluffy will be so excited with this new baby! Says you; but Fluffy may see things differently. No, we’re not going to leave the baby at the hospital to avoid upsetting Fluffy, and no; we’re not going to toss Fluffy out on her ear when the baby arrives. But if I were pregnant, I’d go spend some time on this site before I assumed euphoric bliss between baby and cat. On second thought…if I were pregnant I’d shoot myself.

Cats in the Cradle

Here’s a great little site that was constructed with care and forethought. Scads of informative identifiers concerning cat stress, as well as common-sense hints and tips that we can all use.

Minimizing Stress and Anxiety in Your Cat

Oh boy…time to get technical. This one is generated by Cats International, and it gets right down to the details of feline stress; the actual developmental mechanics of it. I would consider this one a must-read!

The Stress Factor

A very nice little Q&A site, with Dr. Karen Overall as the host. Common-sense questions and practical answers. I’m betting you’ll really like this one, and if I’m wrong…I’ll share my potted-meat sandwich with you!

Q&A With Dr. Karen L. Overall

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