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ProActive Cat Care

The Little Things

By Garry White



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     Okay.rather than tell you what to do, let me tell you what I do, and maybe you can pick up an idea or two. I'll include my Angel pal Lewie, because he was with us for a very long time, and we'll also talk about Clark and the newbie.Wilbur. I'll start with Lewie.


     That boy loved cardboard boxes; cut a hole in the side and tip it upside down, and he was in Heaven! A simple, effortless task for me, and a real treat for him.

     Lewie also loved to nose-kiss, and he had access to the tip of my nose whenever I passed by. He loved to sleep near my head, too, so I made sure he had pillow-room. He loved to play hide-n-seek, and we did that often. He loved to watch me work, so I always built little makeshift "beds" near my workplace. He liked to ride in the car, on my lap, so we'd often just go for a short ride around town.it was stupid-easy for me and it was an event for him.


     Clark loves to play with stringy things. As for stuffed mice and furry toys, forget it! But pull a piece of string across the floor and you have his attention. He also loves the outdoors.I take him outside periodically, he stays right by my feet, and I have a ball watching his excitement! He likes catnip, but only if he has to work for it: Sprinkle it on the floor and he ignores it, but put it inside an old sock and he's in Heaven! Another favorite of his is lemon.the boy LOVES the taste of lemon. And since it's good for him, I sometimes make a tray of ice cubes with a few drops of lemon juice in each cube and put one or two in his water bowl.


     Wilbur loves anything that Clark loves, period. He's a baby, and I suppose he's learning from Big Brother. He does have a personality, though, and I'm gradually learning what it is. While Lewie would lay on your lap until the year 6041, and Clark gives you 11-seconds to show how much you love him.Wilbur MELTS when he's upside-down in your arms! No kidding! Cats generally hate that, but it's Wilbur's "thing". Also --and I cannot explain why-- the little dingbat loves appliances.

     So I let him play sometimes, as you see. Yes, I'm careful. Yes, it takes a moment of my time getting rid of a few kitty hairs. Is it worth it, for the pleasure it brings him? You bet it is!

     Bottom line, I pay attention to the little extra things that bring them snippets of happiness. Feeding: I often let them choose from several options. I make sure there are window-perches at their favorite windows. Toys: I get what appeals to them, not to me. Play time: I've taken the time to learn what excites each kitty, and that's what I do. I sometimes hide little kitty-food treats where I know they'll find them.like maybe under a paper towel on their bed, on a window perch. They bring me a lot of love, and I owe them more than food, water, and shelter. Moreover, I find it truly enjoyable watching them be happy.

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