(I’m the sleepy black cat. My friend is Benny.)

Owner’s Name: Bill and Deb Giniewicz
Pet’s Name: Magellan Age: 17 Gender: Male


Date Diagnosed
CRF diagnosed
Feb. 24, 2001
Anemia diagnosed
Nov. 24, 2003


Why I think my kitty isn’t eating: Magellan has always been lean, but with old age and kidney disease, he is getting downright boney. I imagine he feels weak and nauseous often.


Date when assist feeding began: Nov. 24, 2001
Why I’ve chosen to Assist Feed: I believe it helps Magellan take in extra calories, as well as helping his body utilize the vitamins I administer as well.
Feeding Technique: I find 3 mL oral syringes a little more user-friendly. I have to be careful not to feed too much to fast because Magellan has a well-developed regurgitation reflex!
Appetite Primer Tricks: Unfortunately, Cyproheptadine has no observable effect on Magellan
Food liked best: There is nothing consistent!
Food liked least: There is nothing consistent!
Special Treats: Fancy Feast, Hills a/d


Medications, Dose/Frequency
LRS SubQ 150 mL once daily
Amino B-Plex 1.5 mL once daily
1/4 Pepcid AC tablet once daily
0.25 mL DermCaps ES (omega fatty acids)
346 units of Procrit SubQ three times/week


7 lbs. 10 oz. Dec. 4, 2003