Iams Cat Food

Iams cat food company has a prescription food called Iams Veterinary Formula Maximum Calorie Canine and Feline.

This canned food is mainly formulated for syringe feedingtube feeding and feeding to a cat that has an interest in eating on its own. The consistency is thinner that the Hills a/d so it is not really suited for finger feeding.

Two important facts make this an excellent food:

  1. It has the highest calories of the critical care formulas.
  2. It does NOT need to be thinned down to syringe feed or tube feed. When slightly warmed to body temperature (in a bowl of warm water), the food somewhat liquifies.

Additional Pointers :

  • The food has some bigger pieces that get clogged in regular syringes so you will need to use a tapered tip syringe cut to a opening just a wee bit bigger than a normal syringe.
  • The food is thinner so it’s not really suitable for finger feeding. If your kitty will eat off a spoon, you could still use this food.
  • This food DOES have the most calories, but it comes at a slight expense in taste. Not all cats like this food. I’ve had more luck with palatabity by using the Hills a/d but that food has less calories.

Your choice in food will be based on your veterinarians recommendations and then how much food you can get into your kitty each feeding.

IMPORTANT TIP: I just couldn’t get enough a/d into one of my cats to maintain his weight so I used the Iams cat food even though he didn’t like it as much.

This Iams maximum calorie food is used for after surgery recovery because it helps in tissue repair and also used for cats who need to gain weight because it is nutritionally dense (lots of nutrients for a small amount of food). Your cat needs to gain muscle, not just fat, so the protein is important.

If you kitty has kidney disease (chronic renal failure) as your veterinarian if you can use this food in combination with subcutaneous fluid therapy and regular blood tests to make sure the kidney values stay within the normal ranges. Some of the foods designed for kidney disease taste terrible and the cats will not eat it and end up starving. Best to find the right combination of treatment than to stick hard and fast to a specific food.

The Iams Max Cal is a prescription only cat food so it is only available at vet clinics or through pet food suppliers if your veterinarian writes your pet a prescription.

Hills Cat Food called a d.
Iams Cat Food: Veterinary Formula- Maximum Calorie
Average Nutrient And Caloric Contents

6 ounce Can 1,961 kcal/kg; 333 kcal/can; 2.1 kcal/ml; 56 kcal/oz

Crude Protein, minimum 14.0
Crude Fat, minimum   12.0
Crude Fiber, maximum 1.0
Moisture, maximum 66.0
Ash, maximum 3.0
Magnesium, maximum 0.04
Taurine, minimum 0.1
Omega-6 Fatty Acids, minimum 1.1*
Omega-3 Fatty Acids, minimum 0.22*

*Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Pet Food Nutrient Profiles.

This information is taken directly from the Iams Cat Food website.

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