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Assist Feeding – Feeding Styles… Meet Pud
Feline Nutrition – Can vs. Dry…Put Up Yer Dukes!

Pro-Active Cat Care-Survey Results & Fickle Cats
Feline Obesity –
 The Mad Hungry Cat

Assist Feeding – 
Feeding Styles… Meet PJ
by Kathy Fatheree


Last week we talked about how everybody finds their own unique feeding style. The best way to assist feed a cat is the way that you and your cat agree upon, that causes the least amount of stress on your cat, and allows you to get the most food in that hungry tummy. Last week we also met Linda and her precious Mittens and learned about their assisted feeding style.


This week, I’d like to introduce you to Pud. Pud’s owner PJ is pretty funny about why she might hold Pud the way she does when she assists feeds her.


Click here to read the “Freudian” explanation!

Feline Nutrition – Canned Food vs. Dry Food … Put Up Yer Dukes!
by Garry White


As promised, this week we’ll start the ball rolling on this touchy subject, and remember that we’re talking about conventional foods…not raw-foods, holistic, natural diets, or other alternative diets, which we’ll discuss in later issues.


Also, Sgt. Kathy Fatheree will have me doing pushups if I don’t make sure you understand this clearly: As you can imagine, there are a vast number of opinions declaring “the proper diet”, and my research (so far) is taken from the scientific community; pet-food manufacturers, vets, and veterinary schools. These older, established nutritional guidelines have been (and will continue to be) challenged and improved upon, but for now it’s the only significant resource available that’s based on extensive scientific research, and I felt obliged to start with this approach.


If we stay within the realm of conventional foods, we’re faced with one of three options: Canned food only, dry only, or a combination of the two. Last week I told you there are strong arguments for (and against) each one of these, and this is true, based on the research I’ve done. That is to say; I can find no formal, standards-setting institution that makes the open claim that any single protocol is ideal, and that all others should be avoided. So we come down to choices, and it’s my goal to provide information to help you make an informed choice.


Read about my research findings concerning canned cat food diets.

ProActive Cat Care – 
Survey Results & Fickle Cats
by Garry White


Huh? Oh, the strange topic heading…right. Well, bear with me. We’ll go over the survey results first, and then we’ll abuse Linux.


So far, you said these topics (in descending order-hottest at the top) are most important to you.


  • More discussion on common ailments.
  • Reading and understanding blood-test (and other) report values.
  • Toxic hazards.
  • Proactive cat-care versus reactive treatment.
  • Our role as primary caregiver
  • More about how to identify a crisis.
  • Establishing and managing a history/treatment binder
  • Establishing and maintaining a good relationship with the vet.
  • Dealing with a vet: Our rights and obligations.
  • How to search for a suitable vet.
  • What makes a feline so unique.

You also said that you’d like discussion on these issues:

  • Keeping cats indoors; not allowing them to roam outside.
  • Exercising cats.
  • How to start and maintain an effective feline diet program.
  • Dealing with a fussy eater.
  • More proactive care, starting at birth, to help assure longevity.

Again, thanks to those who completed the little form…we got some great input! I’ll leave it there for another week. Keep up the good work!


Okay…Linux, now we’re going to discuss some of your moods, temperaments, and day-to-day habits. You’re a fine kitty, all right, but we’ve discovered that you’re fickle. Relax; so are we.


Linux is probably asking: Hey, why embarrass me like this? Why do we need to make public my little persnicketies? Two reasons: One, because we want to make sure your daily behavior is just cute, and not a sign of impending problems. And two; it’s your turn in the barrel, pal…sorry about that. Welcome to Fluffy’s family.


Click here to read: “Linux is Fickle”

Feline Obesity – The Mad Hungry Cat

by Kathy Fatheree


Cat’s are amazing creatures with so many feelings, thoughts, emotions and moods. Some cats show their thoughts openly and you almost always know what they are thinking! That soft look in their eyes, that twitching tail, those forward-spread whiskers of anticipation. You can almost read their mind!


But what if you have a cat that is quiet and rarely speaks her mind? One that is peaceful and careful not to be a bother? With this kind of kitty it is very important to watch for the ever so subtle signs of emotion.


Putting any cat on a diet can be very stressful because you are changing an established routine. If your cat is on a diet AND hungry, this is a VERY stressful situation. Most cats, when hungry, meow, meow and meow! Need I say more?! They may beg and paw at your arm. They may hound you until you can’t take it anymore! But those gentle, quiet few may not make a peep until hunger has taken over and they can’t stand it any more. When this happen, your kitty may act out in aggression towards your other cats and you won’t understand at first what is going on… And reprimanding only makes things worse.


If you have placed your cat on a diet and you see a negative mood change, call your vet immediately! You may need to adjust the diet… nobody… and I mean nobody likes to be hungry! MEOW!

Disclaimer: Kathy Fatheree is not at all a medical expert. Contents of this web site are a collection of Kathy’s assist feeding experiences as well as the experiences of other cat owners who have assist fed their cats. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information, Kathy Fatheree or anyone associated with this web site cannot be held responsible for anything that may happen as a result of using the information on this site.