Vol. 1, No. 48

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Assist Feeding – Too Much Holiday Cheer…
Feline Nutrition – Bah, Humbug!
Pro-Active Cat Care – ‘Tis The Season for Cat Safety
Kitty Potpourri – It’s Holiday Time All Year!

Assist Feeding – 
Too Much Holiday Cheer…
by Kathy Fatheree


Happy Holidays Everyone!

You know how emails fly around cyberspace and some you just have to pass on?

Well this is one.

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Too Much Holiday Cheer…
-author unknown

A very sobering reminder during the season of cheer.

Be sure to see the startlingly graphic image.


As we enter the Christmas/New Year Season, I think that it is important for everyone to take a step back and remember that we can all have fun without getting dangerous.


I’ve attached a rather graphic picture of a Holiday victim, not for its shock value, but in the hope that everyone remains aware of his or her limits. When you look at this picture, remember that this did not have to happen.

Let us all have a safe and happy Holiday Season.

Do not let this happen to YOU!!

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My wish for you this Holiday Season is that your wonderful kitty has a full and happy belly. -With warm regards, Kathy

Feline Nutrition – Bah, Humbug!
by Garry White


Wanna learn how to make an enemy? It’s easy; follow me around the food store, and observe what happens when I stick my nose where it doesn’t belong. I was at the food store earlier today, picking up a few little treat-thingies for my furry gang. This store usually has one brand of cat food on sale, and today was no exception. However, today’s sale-food happens to be one of the very worst on the market.I know this for a fact, because I’ve researched it. Regardless, it was priced at 6 cans/$1.00, and I noted a lady shoveling the stuff into her cart! Well now. Thinking I might be able to share some of my nutritional wisdom with her, I started out gently.

Sez I: “Excuse me, ma’am, but do you know what’s in that can?”

“Of course I do. Cat food.”


Obviously she was a beginner at this process, so I felt obligated to explain the differences, only to discover that she had no wish to be enlightened. She didn’t actually tell me to take a hike, but I’m not expecting a Christmas card from her, either. The experience wasn’t wasted, though, because she shared an important fact with me: Cat food is cat food; they’re all the same.


Realizing that if I pursued this much further, I’d probably be dealing with the store manager, followed by a fellow in blue with an early Christmas present for me –matching steel bracelets– I decided to let it go. As I walked away, I glanced in the lady’s cart and saw a variety of top-notch, high-dollar items.for humans. Surrounded by trash food for her cats. I have to admit the scenario irked the daylights out of me, and I was tempted to suggest she swap the cat in for a pig. But again, there was that image of handcuffs.

There isn’t much we can do when we encounter something like this, other than use it to fortify our own position: Be cheap with Uncle Bernie’s birthday tie, but not with Fluffy’s food. Times are hard, money is tight, but scrimp somewhere else. If cost is a serious problem, you might try stating your situation to the store manager, and asking for case-discounts. I just went back to that very same store and did precisely that (you’d be amazed at the craziness I go through for research for this Newsletter!), and I got an assistant manager to give me almost the same price for a quality food, as the sale-price for that junk stuff, if I buy two cases at a time. But still, huh?


Some might see it as a game, but the rewards are there if we simply ask for them, and it might save us from having to choose an inferior food just to help make ends meet.

ProActive Cat Care – 
‘Tis The Season for Cat Safety
by Garry White


…to be careful! But since Christmas is just a few days away, my early gifts to you this year are: A link to a neat little website about Holiday Cat Safety and…no lecture from me.

May you have the sun at your back, egg in your beer, and a Jaguar in every garage.

Kitty Potpourri – 
It’s Holiday Time All Year!
by Dan Malenski


Many people wait for this time of year to celebrate the holidays, but in this household, it’s holiday time all year around! The girls and I are always exchanging gifts with each other, and those that cannot be bought at any price! Think about it-how can you purchase the comfort that your furry companion gives you when he/she curls up in your lap on a cold winter evening, and purrs like a jet engine?


Most of you already know that my girls also help with this column by insuring that I remain focused and serve as valuable consultants. The holiday season is here and a new year is approaching; thus, it is time to appreciate their support and hard work in helping me run the household.


Amanda has been busy since she was adopted as a three-month-old kitten, and the photo sequence below shows her hard at work at that tender age, tending to her toys and insuring that our curtains strongly suggest the presence of feline inhabitants!


Melissa, the technical and studious one of the family, tends to my PC, which I utilize to write and transmit this article. The following photograph of her suggests that she may be taking a catnap; however, that is far from the case! She frequently serves as my personal firewall and SPAM filter and the photograph depicts her hard at work. Do not confuse her relaxed look with deep concentration as the Spammers are getting smarter every day.

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